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Curtis Imperial

The Curtis Imperial range is for everyday enjoyment. Demonstrating the quality of our premium wine region. With the heros of old world varieties that wine drinkers love and can drink straight away! Carefully selected grape parcels are harvested in the cool of night and slowly fermented. capturing the natural fruit flavours and sweetness with great body and structure

imperial shiraz bottle.jpg
imperial cab bottle.jpg

Curtis Imperial SA Shiraz

The Imperial SA Shiraz is deep ruby red in colour.

Intense red berry fruit aromas with hints of chocolate.

Full bodied and flavour bursting out of your glass with a complex
mix of chocolate, vanilla & red berries.

The palate displays great middle palate sweetness and a
long well balanced finish. 

Curtis Imperial SA Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromas of mixed red berry fruits with lifted peppery spice.

Medium to Full bodied and with complexed flavours of
ripe berries, coffee bean & chocolate.

A classically crafted wine to display intensity in flavour
& structure.

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