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Ancestor sh bottle 18.jpg

He have dated our family tree back to 1471, where Paolo Curtis started wine production on the original Curtis Family property “La Cavata” near Cassino, Central Italy.

We made this wine to commemorate the sacrifice & toil of centuries of hard work that have led us to now.

The Ancestor shiraz fruit was hand picked from 80 year old vines, gently destemmed & cold soaked on skins for 14 day,
fermented slowly for a further 14 days. Giving time to allow slow extraction of colour & silky tannins.
This extra time allows the wine to develop great depth of flavour & palate structure.


The ferment is slowly pressed straight into a mixture of French & American oak barrels.
The magic happens over the next 24 months where the wine will develop & integrate into a special montage of flavourful delights.
Aromas of ripe red berries, vanilla & coconut. Full bodied palate structure with a complex mix of flavours, ripe red berries, coconut, chocolate & spice. great middle palate sweetness with well integrated oak characters.  Well balanced & long silky tannin finish.

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